Delivery, Return & Refund Policy


  1. Customers must pay a minimum of 10% of the product price to confirm the order.
  2. For ceramic or heavy products customers need to pay the full price of the product to confirm the orders.
    • ·After payment, send your payment screenshot & the last 4 digit of the number you paid with.
    • ·After the sales representative confirms your payment, send the Name, Address and Contact number of the product recipient.
    • ·The delivery usually takes 48-72 hours. But it can take more depending on delivery company, weather, and other factors.
  3. Delivery Charges may vary depending on the location & the weight of the product.
  4. Customers need to retain the cash memo to get any type of after-sales service. Moon Gallery will not provide any kind of after-sales service without a proper receipt.
  5. Sold products cannot be returned. Moon Gallery is responsible till the handover of the product to the customer. The Guarantee or Warranty will not be applicable if the products are damaged by the customer. ·To reduce complications, you can record videos of the unboxing as proof. ·The guarantee and warranty policies may be different for each product; you must ask the sales representative about the after-sales service beforehand.
  6. Discounts and offers will not be applicable for EMI.
  7. If someone chooses to cancel their order after the ordered products are out for delivery, then they have to pay the delivery fee of the whole process.

For more info please contact MOON GALLERY.